Future Scope of Psychology

Psychology deals with the study of the human mind and soul, their phenomena and influence upon the body. Many great minds have contributed to the growth and development of the society. Only the human mind can produce such thoughts for advancement. In fact the unique factor which distinguishes human beings from animals is their capacity to think. There is no dearth of resources in this world. But there is lack of ideas. Creating ideas is the difficult job. Executing or implementing ideas can be done by a skilled worker. But producing it requires creativity.

But this creativity can at times be dangerous also. The human mind travels at a great speed. It does not remain stationary. But Nature is always slow and steady. All the technology which humans have developed are contrary to the law of Nature. The human mind is in hurried, confused state of mind, where as Nature has its own time to produce every thing in its own way. All the problems which humanity face these days are due to this disharmony with Nature. Owing to this hustle and bustle they become mentally upset and sick, thereby falling ill and turning out to be unproductive. Here is where the study of Psychology has its role to play. Psychology teachers us to live in harmony with Nature.

In its struggle to improve readership spread spread sensational news items. The human mind has the tendency to enjoy such sensationalized stuff in the drawing room. But the result is that they affect mind in an adverse manner. Mental shock, disorders, frustration etc would be the end result. The competitiveness of media has thus become a social problem. In this situation Psychologists have to be vigilant in giving proper guidance and counseling to people on time. This to some extend can help people to live in a hopeful manner avoiding noisy break down.

If we analyze the problems of the society, we can find that mental disorder is the cause of every problem. Behind every crime one can notice a mental disorder or character flaw. The society has devised many ways to deal with these issues. Different agencies like Police Department, Crime Cell, Vigilance so on and so forth handle the situations. But, unfortunately we do not have complete solutions. The need of the hour is to treat the cause not the symptom.The real solution lies in approaching every problem psychologically, with a vision of the future.

For dealing problems scientifically and systematically, concected efforts from the part of government and society are needed. Society should be made aware of the fact that anti social activities come out of perverted human minds which are not disciplined through training. Here blaming or punishment criminals would not be the most suitable measure to so away with crimes.

Only psychological approach can bring false and fruitful solutions regarding this issue. If the thinking community of the society can be brought together under one umbrella, in tackling activities corroding the social fabric we can remain as a well knit unit, contributing significantly to the growth of the nation and humanity in general.

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